Devin Marie Kwiecinski Schwab

In January 2019 my fiance and I went ring shopping. I discovered Kirk Kara while researching online and knew I had to try on the Kirk Kara Lori design. We went to a local jeweler and began the process of designing/customizing the ring that I would wear forever. After visiting the jeweler, I then waited for almost an ENTIRE year, impatiently, for my dream guy to propose. On Friday, December 13th, 2019 (my favorite magical day of the month) my best friend got down on one knee at one of our favorite spots, the Chicago Botanic Garden, & asked me to be his partner in love forever. Prior to getting engaged, Ben asked me what I wanted in a proposal, and I replied “I’m not sure, I just want it to be magical”. If getting engaged under a cathedral of thousands of twinkling lights isn’t magical, then I’m not sure what is! My engagement ring, wedding band, and my husband's wedding band are all Kirk Kara pieces. We absolutely love them and can not want to wear them for the rest of our lives!



Three Leaf Diamond Engagement Ring

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Jenna Budd

Thank you for creating such a beautiful ring for me! I love the look of vintage rings and KirkKara had such a wonderful selection. I did the at-home try-on to find the perfect engagement ring for me and the process was so easy. I found “the one” and gave the info to my (now) fiancé. About 1.5 years later he asked me to marry him at one of my favorite spots in West Michigan, presenting me with my special KirkKara ring! It’s so stunning and I get so many compliments on how beautiful and unique it is. I can’t wait to get my wedding band from KirkKara to complete my look!



Rose Cut Diamond Swirl Petite Engagement Ring

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Samantha Wireman

Love finds its way… “No man could be this truly amazing” young me thought while dating, so we went our separate ways. He joined the US Army, and, I furthering my jewelry career. This is where I fell deeply in love with Kirk Kara’s close attention to detail, elegant hand-crafted designs, and captivating family-owned story.  Years later, Phillip and I rekindled exactly where we had left off to finish our love story! I flew out to El Paso Texas where he was stationed and during that trip, his heart led him to propose with a gorgeous oval-shaped solitaire ring. He told me we needed something just as special as our love story to be incorporated into my wedding set… As soon as I heard that; I knew exactly to show him Kirk Kara designs. He ended up custom designing me this beautifully simple, whimsical, yet elegant mounting to hold my oval diamond. Just when we thought it couldn’t get better, the platinum bands that were made to hug that engagement ring I received on my wedding day completely finished the look! We both appreciate how invested the team at Kirk Kara was in the whole experience from start to finish, and even after the fact. It’s been two years now and the care and feeling they still provide you being a #KirkKaraBride it’s truly an experience everyone should have. Thank you for being a beyond-perfect fit for our never-ending love story.



Whimisical Diamond Engagement Ring

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Paula Sibulo Reyes

Thank you so much for the beautiful designs you offer! My husband said it was just the perfect design for me, very unique and timeless. I honestly think it is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. My husband is very meticulous and a perfectionist. I know he wouldn't settle for something ordinary. He spent hours each day choosing the perfect ring, and he did a wonderful job at it. I still can't stop staring at it and I still get compliments from all ages on how beautifully unique it is. The craftsmanship is just amazing. I can totally see myself wearing this ring forever and passing it on to generations.



Milgrain Round Diamond Engagement Ring

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Taylor & Justin Jacob

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. So when it came down to ring shopping, it became tough to envision how my perfect ring would come to life. But that didn’t stop my husband, he reached out to the team at Kirk Kara with a vision, and after he’d known me for the better half of 6 years, he knew what I’d want… even if I didn’t know myself. When he proposed, it was like magic. The love for him, our families, and my ring resonated through every photo, moment, and memory that I have of that day. And fast forwarding to August 22, 2021, our wedding day, I couldn’t have been more in love. When he placed my new Kirk Kara wedding band next to my engagement ring, it was then I realized how lucky I was. I found someone who knew me better than myself, and his symbol of our everlasting love was one that I’ll always cherish. This is what makes being a Kirk Kara Bride so incredible. The handcrafted design, and the intricate detail, satisfied every perfectionist ideal and, even more, made me find new value in something that I never could’ve even dreamed of!



Lace Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

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Vanessa Lane

I initially saw Kirk Kara online and I instantly fell in love with the Pirouetta collection. I had this vision of customizing the signature bow design into something my own. My now husband brought all my dreams to life when he proposed with my beautiful two-tone pave bow ring. It is more beautiful than anything I could have ever dreamed up.



Two Tone Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

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Every ring bearing the Kirk Kara name is an original hand crafted design that exceeds the highest standards in our industry.