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What shipping services do you offer? Do you have insurance and tracking?

All domestic shipping is sent complimentary via 2nd Day or with a small shipping charge Overnight. Insurance and tracking is always included!

I love a design but would like to change the size and/or shape of the center stone, is this possible?

Absolutely! All of our designs can accommodate any center stone size and/or shape. Our mastercraftsman are creating the design by hand specially for you, so we can accommodate any modifications. Please contact us and we will help you source the perfect center stone for your engagement ring.

How long will it take to receive my item?

Processing time to create a new engagement ring or wedding band is 4-5 weeks. Please contact us for availability or rush delivery. Vault items processing is 1-2 weeks.

How can I check the status of my order?

Please contact us directly to recieve the latest status of your order. We can let you know the process your handcrafted design is currently in-- casting, polishing, setting etc.!

Do you offer refunds or exchanges?

Please refer to our Shipping and Returns page for more details.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, currently we ship to Canada and the United Kingdom. Please contact us for shipping rates on your international item.

Will my kirkkara.com purchase require a signature upon delivery?

Yes, all shipments from kirkkara.com will require an adult signature upon delivery. Please be aware that if additional delivery attempts are made, additional charges may accrue.

What is the Kirk Kara Vault?

The Kirk Kara Vault is a curated collection of vintage designs directly from our vault. Each piece reflects the styling and aesthetics of decades past, but with a common thread: the signature quality that’s synonymous with our family name. Once sold, these iconic pieces will never be in production again. Explore The Vault.

Can I customize a Vault design?

Customization is limited due to each piece being the last available. Depending on the item we may be able to make small changes such as ring size. Please Contact Us with any questions before ordering.

Are Vault designs new?

While unworn, they may have light scratching, patina, chips on stones or other characteristic signs of age. Please refer to the photographs and Contact Us if you have questions about the condition of a specific piece.

What is an authorized Kirk Kara retail partner?

An Authorized Kirk Kara Retail Partner is a carefully chosen, extraordinarily skilled, professional and knowledgeable fine jewelry retailer. They're the only ones we trust to carry and care for Kirk Kara jewelry as well as help you narrow down your choices. They can offer any assistance you need to fully understand all our customization options, availability and final pricing. And best of all, you can finally try on our creations in their stores.

How can I purchase a Kirk Kara creation?

Kirk Kara wedding bands and engagement rings are sold through our Authorized Retail Partners and on our website kirkkara.com. To find an Authorized Retail Partner in your area, please visit Where to Buy.

How can I be sure that I purchased an authentic Kirk Kara piece?

The best way to guarantee that you are purchasing an authentic Kirk Kara piece is to only purchase from an Authorized Kirk Kara Retail Partner. To find one in your area please visit our Where to buy page. The next step is to ensure that your authorized retailer provides you with your creation's Certificate of Authenticity. This card is your absolute proof of purchase. We recommend that you register your pieces here with us.

How can you be part of the ring selection and still be surprised?

Nothing is more thrilling than the moment the love of your life surprises you with the perfect Kirk Kara ring. Since there are so many critical decisions to make regarding every design aspect of your new ring, we recommend narrowing down the choices. Together. The ideal way is for you both to visit an authorized retailer. You can learn about various customization options and, best of all, try on a selection of Kirk Kara rings. Then he can see which ones you really love. It's a wonderful opportunity to experience our beautiful variety of handcrafted settings and start to focus your selections. Or, together you can use our online tools to help make a list of favorites. Simply click the heart icon next to your favorite ring and they will be entered into the 'Wishlist' section. The two of you can come back to this section anytime to review your favorite designs. This way the ring you're ultimately surprised with - will truly be one you adore. Please make sure to know your exact ring size before any purchases.

What should I do if my Authorized retailer doesn't have my favorite Kirk Kara design in stock?

If you do not see your favorite Kirk Kara design in store, simply ask the retailer to contact Kirk Kara. We will send your desired design to your Authorized Kirk Kara Retailer to try on.

I live outside of the United States, can I still purchase a ring?

Yes! Please enter your location on our Where to Buy page then select one of the Authorized Online Retail Partners listed below.

Can I see additional pictures or video or a style I like?

Yes, of course! Please Contact Us and we would be happy to send you more.

How can I check the status of my order or repair?

Please contact the Authorized Retail Partner you purchased your ring from for order details. If you purchased online, please contact us directly.

Does a Kirk Kara engagement ring include the center diamond?

Most Kirk Kara rings are sold without a center stone. Our prices online do not include the center diamond and will read "setting only" in the listing. Our Signature Rose Cut collection is the only collection that includes a center diamond in it's listing. If you do not already have a center diamond for your engagement ring, Kirk Kara can assist in your center diamond purchase. We sell lab and natural center stone diamonds which we will set and send to you complete at no additional charge. Shop diamonds now, or get in contact with our diamond specialists today.

What quality are the Kirk Kara diamonds and Gemstones?

We insist on using the high quality color (GH or higher) and clarity (VS2-SI2 or higher). Our breathtaking kaleidoscope of extraordinary natural diamonds and gemstones are selected for their vibrancy and radiant color. They are meticulously matched by color for each ring and each one is hand cut to perfectly fit our designs. Learn more about The 4 C's of diamonds.

What colored stone choices do I have?

Most of our designs are available with a choice of blue sapphire, pink sapphire, ruby, tsavorite (green garnet), and amethyst. Many more gemstones are avialble for custom order. Please Contact Us about additional stone colors and custom options.

How can you be part of the ring selection and still be surprised?

Buying a diamond ring can be a confusing and difficult process. We are here to help! Please visit The 4C's of Diamonds to learn more and always feel free to Contact Us.

Are your diamonds and gemstones conflict free?

Integrity and ethics are at the core of who we are at Kirk Kara. Each piece of jewelry is created using 100% conflict free diamonds and all of our metals are traced to their source.

Can I use my heirloom diamond?

All of our designs can be custmized to fit any size or shape diamond.

What metal choices do I have?

Our jewelry is available in 14K or 18K gold, yellow gold, rose gold, Platinum or a combination of metals.

Is Platinum better than gold for my ring purchase?

All of our metals are cast, engraved and crafted to last a lifetime and hold their original color and brilliance. However, our Platinum rings take our superior standards to the next level of quality. Read more about the benefits of going Platinum here.

I have sensitive skin and known allergies to metals, which metal do I choose?

We recommend that you choose Platinum. Platinum that is 90-95% pure is a hypoallergenic metal. This composition is a great choice for those with sensitive skin or allergies to other metals, like gold.

Do Kirk Kara pieces come with warranty?

All items have a 1 year manufacturer warranty against workmanship defects. Repairs beyond the 1 year time period need to be sent back for evaluation and pricing. A piece is under warranty if the product is not misused or damaged from neglect or abuse, and the cause for repair is not from general wear and tear. We encourage jewelry repairs to be sent directly to Kirk Kara for the utmost in personalized care. Please contact us for warranty claims or reach out to your authorized retailer for assistance. We kindly ask that you do not mail us any repairs without prior written authorization.

What is an authenticity card?

The Authenticity card is your very own proof of ownership. It is your record that Kirk Kara certifies the authenticity of your original handcrafted design and confirms that every mesmerizing detail has been meticulously inspected by our Master Craftsmen before being engraved with the Kirk Kara name. You can keep your Kirk Kara piece forever captivating by registering it here.

What is the Kirk Kara Difference?

At Kirk Kara, each mesmerizing detail is designed to provoke love at first — and eternal — sight. Intricate hand engravings, colored gemstone accents and perfectly matched wedding sets are just a few of the designer touches you’ll enjoy with a Kirk Kara engagement ring. Learn more about the Kirk Kara Difference.

How do I care for my ring?

For light, regular cleaning please us a few drops of mild dish soap in warm - not hot - water. Let your ring soak for a few minutes, then gently scrub with a new, soft toothbrush. To rinse, place in a fresh dish of lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth. Make sure to always clean your ring over a soft surface and never over an open drain or hard floor. For scratches or rings with heavier use please have a profesional inspect and polish regularly. This insures any damage is caught early and extends the life of your ring. For additional repairs or sizing please contact us or your nearest Kirk Kara Authorized Retail Partner.

Can my ring be resized?

Each design is unique and while most can be resized some cannot. To determine if we can size your ring please contact the Authorized Retail Partner you purchased it from. If you bought your design on kirkkara.com, please contact us directly. We recommend to always size your ring with an Authorized Retail Partner or through Kirk Kara directly. We know our rings best! If any repair or sizing work is performed by third parties other than our Authorized Retail Partners or Kirk Kara, cannot honor our Limited Warranty.

What should I do if I need my ring repaired?

Please reach out to your nearest Authroized Retail Partner for all service needs. If you purchased your design on kirkkara.com, please contact us directly. We can no longer honor our Limited Warranty if any repair or sizing work is performed by third parties other than our Authorized Retail Partners.

What should I do if I have additional questions that aren't answered here?

Please Contact Us or reach out to our customer service representatives between 8am-5pm Pacific (800) 874-0181

Can I customize my Kirk Kara ring?

Yes, our craftsman can make your dreams come true. We will handcraft the design for your requested finger size, metal, combination of gemstones, desired center diamond shape and size. In fact most requests can be accommodated, just ask. Our authorized retail partners will work with you every step of the process to create your perfect, custom ring. You may also book a virtual styling consultation with one of our Kirk Kara stylists, available when you are! We only ask that you give us time. An original work of art is something that can never be rushed. Learn more about customization.

How do I determine my ring size?

The best way to determine the accurate ring size is to visit one of our skilled Authorized Retail Partners who will measure your finger. You may also download and print our Online Ring Sizing guide to get a better understanding of your fit or contact us and we will send you a complimentary rubber ring sizer.

What are the steps behind a custom designed ring?

Custom design is the best way to have that one-of-a-kind breathtaking ring. To learn more visit our Custom Design page.

Can I have my ring engraved?

Yes! We can add a special date, message or anything else you might want to your ring.

Are all Kirk Kara designs on the website?

Most Kirk Kara designs are on the website, however some custom creations or older designs may not be listed. If there is a specific design you are trying to locate, you may Contact Us and our customer care team will help you.

How can I find the perfectly matching wedding band for my engagement ring?

There are several options available to help you find your engagement ring's perfectly matching band. The quickest way is to scroll down the engagement ring's page to "Perfectly Matching Creations" where the band will be featured. Not every style has its match featured online but they are available. You may email us directly or contact your Authorized Kirk Kara Retailer if you need additional assistance. Contact Us.

What is a serial number and how can I find it?

Every Kirk Kara ring bears a serial number that uniquely identifies it. You can find the serial number of your Kirk Kara piece on your authenticity card. If you need assistance or have lost your card please reach out to our Customer Care team.

How do I become a Kirk Kara Authorized Retail Partner?

Please Contact Us to inquire about joining the Kirk Kara family!

I am from the media and am interested in featuring Kirk Kara. Who should I contact?

Please Contact Us and we will connect you with our marketing department.


We’re here for you every step of the way. Our jewelry specialists are available to answer all your questions by Virtual Appointment, on Live Chat or via phone.

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Every ring bearing the Kirk Kara name is an original hand crafted design that exceeds the highest standards in our industry.