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18K Yellow Gold Diamond Eternity Vintage Band
Design No. SS3315
Yellow Gold Diamond Retro Geometric Mens Fashion Ring
Design No. SS2094G
Platinum 18K Yellow Gold Hand Engraved Band
Design No. SS6004-L
14K Yellow Gold Vintage Brushed Hoop Earrings
Design No. SS504
White Gold Diamond Retro Clover Pendant
Design No. V32
Yellow Gold Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring Band Set
Design No. SS1901 & SS1901-B
Yellow Gold Diamond Retro Vintage Earrings
Design No. SS4720
Yellow Gold Baguette Diamond Scalloped Vintage Fashion Ring
Design No. SS5855
18K Yellow Gold Diamond Quilted Hoop Earrings
Design No. SS5617
14K Yelow Gold Diamond Amethyst Retro Fashion Band
Design No. SS3524
14K Yellow Gold Diamond Amethyst Topaz Retro Fashion Ring
Design No. SS3526
18K Yellow Gold Platinum Two Tone Diamond Wide Heavy Fashion Band
Design No. SS5075
Yellow Gold Two Tone Diamond Wide Heavy Fashion Band
Design No. SS5022
White Gold Diamond Natural Blue Sapphire Band
Design No. V34
Yellow Gold Diamond Two Tone Retro Fashion Ring
Design No. V33
14K Yellow Gold Diamond Vintage Channel Band
Design No. V30
18K Yellow Gold Diamond Fashion Wide Band
Design No. SS5800
Yellow Gold Retro Vintage Omega Chain Necklace
Design No. V22
14K Two Tone Gold Diamond Retro Engagement Ring
Design No. SS4752
14K Yellow Gold Diamond Retro Fashion Band
Design No. SS4998
18K Yellow Gold Diamond Braided Wide Fashion Band
Design No. SS3439A
Platinum Retro Three Stone Anniversary Ring
Design No. SS5812
18K Yellow Gold Diamond Geometric Retro Fashion Ring
Design No. SS4139
18K White Gold Diamond Natural Ruby Retro Pendant
Design No. SS5829R-S
Kirk Kara