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Eva H. 

Last night my fiancé surprised me with the most unbelievable ring! It is like no other ring I have ever seen. Thank you for designing such a beautifully crafted and perfect engagement ring for us. I can’t stop looking at it!​​​​​​​


I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work on my wedding band. It is gorgeous and I love everything about it. It matches perfectly with my engagement ring, you made everything so easy and put me at ease during the whole process. It was such a blessing to work with you. Thank you again so much.

Claudia L.

I received my Kirk Kara ring this afternoon. It was not quite what I had pictured or was expecting - it was so much more - what a perfect ring for me! I don't like to order online - it's so much better seeing jewlery in person - this has exceeded my expctations. Everything about this pruchase has been wonderful - the service, beautiful packaging & my first amazing Kirk Kara piece of jewelry. Thank you so much for everything. 

Eva H.

Last night my fiancé surprised me with the most unbelievable ring! It is like no other ring I have ever seen. Thank you for designing such a beautifully crafted and perfect engagement ring for us. I can't stop looking at it! 

Josh B.

She said YES and absolutely loves the ring!!!!! Everywhere she goes people are asking about the ring...on the plane back to Texas, she directed people to kirkkara.com because they all loved the design so much. We are thrilled! THANK YOU for all your help and warmth!

Ron G.

She loved the ring and said that it was the most beautiful ring she had ever seen. Also her firends and family said the same. Again thanks to you for such an awesome setting. Looking forward to picking out the matching wedding band.

Christine M.

I recently got engaged and my fiancé presented me with a Kirk Kara ring from the Stella Collection. I must say, this is the most stunning ring I have ever seen! I could not have wished for anyhting more beautiful. I get so many complements on my ring and everyone comments on how detailed and unique it is. 


We wanted you to know that the ring you made arrived safely and is incredibly beautiful. We hope you realize that your artistry and talent will be the symbol of our love for the rest of our lives. Thank yo so much. Hopefully we can meet someday and you can view hte ring and the lovely person that shows it off, my new partner in life, Terri. 

Lance & Karalyn H.

Lance and I wanted to extend a heart-felt thanks for your beautiful jewelry! We feel so blessed to have your extraordinary pieces grace our hands and symbolize our marriage. They are a consistant reminder of all the kindness, time and generosity you've shared with us. Many thanks! 

Jessica S.

I knew when I got married I wanted to have the ring I wanted. Finding it or having it made was going to be the hard part, or so I thought for the last few years. Until I happened upon kirkkara.com, and there it was...the ring which I had in my head was right there on the screen! Well, part of it at least. I found your Charlotte collection setting SS6685-R and it was perfect. I've never really been a diamond girl, yes I know that is a bit shocking for a woman to say, but it's true. Instead, I was looking for a sapphire center stone. My fiance happened to find a 2 carat emerald cut sapphire for my Kirk Kara setting. It was perfect! So much so, that it brought tears to my eyes. I just wanted to say thank you for making a ring for those of us who don't want the same ring as everyone else. I get more comments and compliments than I ever imagined in the last 3 months of owning this piece. Thank you again. 

Amy R.

I am getting married on Saturday to my best friend and soulmate and I just received my Kirk Kara ring today! My ring is so beautiful! My friends and co-workers fell in love with it too! They tease me about being so shaky with it on my finger, but that's because it's a priceless treasure! I have raved about Kirk Kara to everyone I talk to about my ring. Thank you so much for creating such an elegant, unique & romantic symbol of our love. 

Jackie S.

I recently got engaged. My fiancé proposed with a Charlotte collection engagement ring. I love it more than anything. I had actually cut the image of the ring our of a magazine when I was 16. I have loved this ring forever! One day my then boyfriend found the picture and discovered it was a Kirk Kara design, so he had it made for me.

I just wanted to say how special it is to me and what a wonderful piece of art it is. I will treasure it always. The craftsmanship is unlike anything I have ever seen and it is so unique. I am truly blessed. I love my ring more and more everyday. I have never had so many comments on anything in my entire life. I think it is important to tell people that their work can effect people in many ways. Thank you for making the ring of my dreams! 

Irene K.

I wanted to personally thank you for your work on my upgraded wedding band! Besides being unique and absolutely stunning, it reflects my style and much of who I am. The sapphires with the diamonds remind me of a Greek island...and being from Greece, it makes me happy to look at it...the way it stands out and sparkles and danced with the light. It's intricate detail is exquisite. The piece is timeless, and I hope to have it passed on to my daughter and generations to come. My husband and I are so glad that we met your Authorized Retailer who was so passionate. I was inspired by their love for artistic, original Kirk Kara pieces. The Kirk Kara line of rings is amazing! Thank you for your beautiful talents, and for incorporating one of your original designs into a personal gift for me. I cannot tell you how much this means to me! From the bottom of my heart, thank you! 


My company has a large formal charity dinner each year where people go all out and show off their elegant evening wear. This year, I decided to sparkle and bought a stunning diamond necklace from your "Stella" collection to wear with my black floor length gown. The diamonds were so radiant that people said they could see me from across the room. I received so many compliments on my jewelry and I owe it all to you. Your elegant necklace design paired perfectly with my gown to create a gorgeous ensemble. I can't wait to wear the necklace again! 

Madi & Matt

I'd like to thank you for the beautiful rings you created for Matt and me. I can't stop looking at my ring! Thank you so much! You will always have friends in Hawaii. 

Christy R.

My ring is PERFECT! I wanted to thank you for making my ring so special! My fiance George proposed two weeks ago when we were out to dinner at our favorite little Italian restaurant. He knows how much I love Frank Sinatra, so he got up in front of the entire restaurant and sang "It Had To Be You". Immediately after the final note, he asked me to marry him! He presented me with a stunning Kirk Kara ring, and I fell in love all over again. The hand engraving makes this the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. Thank you so much for making such an amazing engagement ring design! 


For the past few years, my girlfriend Heather and I had discussed getting engaged, but we had never talked about an exact date because I wanted it to be a surprise. I searched for what seemed like an eternity to find the perfect ring. One day a friend of mine recommended a jewelry store in Boston where he had bought a Kirk Kara engagement ring. When I visited the store I was immediately drawn to the Kirk Kara rings, especially to the one particular ring with blue sapphires. I knew right away that this would match her style perfectly because she is born in September and it is the color of her birthstone.

After I proposed to her and she accepted, I put the ring on her finger and she couldn't stop telling me how much she loved it and how it is exactly what she would have picked out. Thank you, Kirk, for making my fiance so happy. Watching her face light up everyday when she points out the intricate designs and the royal blue of the sapphires made my long search for the ring worthwile.


My husband and I have been married for 25 years. For our 25th wedding anniversary, he wanted to remount my original diamond into a new engagement ring setting. I started researching jewelry designers and came across Kirk's work. I immediately tore out the page with his designs and stuck it onto our refrigerator.

About a month later, during our anniversary dinner my husband surprised me with a little jewelry box. He knelt on the floor in our living room and asked me to marry him for another 25 years. I opened the box, and there was my favorite Kirk Kara ring! I tried so hard not to cry, it was so romantic. I examined the gergeous ring and admired the delicate engraving and pave set diamonds. Kirk, I truly appreciate your wonderful work. 

Abby T.

My fiancé proposed to me yesterday with a gorgeous customized ring from your "Charlotte" collection. It is stunning. I look forward to hearing all the compliments from our friends and family! Our favorite feature is how the setting compliments my late grandmother's diamond. It is meaningful that we were able to combine something new and old.

It will truly be an heirloom in our family. I understand that he worked with you through and authorized retialer. It sounds like the experience was a positive one from all sides. Thanks for playing a part in such a special moment in our lives.

Samantha & Austin

From High School Sweethearts to Soon to be Mr. & Mrs.

After buying our own house together, adding two beautiful puppies to our family, countless Disney trips, and milestones accomplished together; we knew it would be time for that next step soon. After about two years of me working in a retailer jewelry store, we got an exciting announcement that we were going to be one of the lucky ones to have this new designer ring collection. I remember getting the shipment in that day and unpacking that beautiful, blush pink Kirk Kara boxes. Setting out the display, my eyes were amazed from the exquisite, jaw-dropping rings I put out one by one. I just couldn't get enough and kept reading and looking more into this company. I fell madly in love with the craftsmanship, and how much thought went behind each of these rings. I love the history, the design, the detail, everything about this company just had that extra something about it.

I'm a Disney fairytale girl at heart and get the same feeling just looking at the design of some of these rings they have to offer. Our store even had the honor of speeking with Angela on a conference call about what makes Kirk Kara so unique. I remember coming home from work and geeking out about Kirk Kara, and what makes them so special and unique to Austin. I loved the fact that Austin was so intrigued and facinated with the craftsmanship put into each piece, and actually got as excited as I did. After years of helping happy couples and getting to be a part of that, I finally got to have a Kirk Kara myself. I love being a part of such a wonderful comapny, being the largest and longest family owned jewelers, and still having that personalble feeling every time. I love that they offer such a meaningful family designer collection as well. This ring fits me, fits us, as a couple and our lifestyle. I personally believe they are such a perfect fit; both with such high expectations for their customer service, and history as companies. This is exactly what Kirk Kara is all about.