Partner Program



• Local Google Search Campaigns & Display Campaigns during the Holidays. The Kirk Kara Google Search Strategy focuses on driving traffic to a Kirk Kara Designer Landing page on your website.

• Promoted sponsored posts on Facebook that will drive consumer traffic to a website landing page, or a Facebook event created by the

Partner. You will also get promoted Shop Now Facebook Post & Newsfeed Campaign to drive traffic to the Kirk Kara Designer Website Landing Page over for Holidays as a Featured Partner.

• Instagram Takeovers the day of your Trunk show events with a Story and an Instagram Sponsored post. You will also get promoted Instagram Post & Take over for Holidays as a Featured Partner.

• We will write create a blog article about the Trunk Show event. We will then create a promoted pin with a Partner Program Store Feature on our Pinterest Account about the Trunk Show.



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Is your in-house team looking to learn more about advanced Google Ads like Google Shopping?  Contact Kirk Kara for more information.


We’d love to have you on our elite partner list! If you’re interested in engaging with us, please fill out the information below.


To ensure your inclusion in our 2019-2020 program, please complete the following information. One submission per location only, please.

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Kirk Kara

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