Frequently Asked Questions

Our jewelry is for life, so is our assistance. That is why we offer a limited warranty. We are here to assist you in any way to make sure your Kirk Kara jewelry has the finest possible care. In order to maintain your limited warranty, just visit your authorized retailer with your ring and authenticity card and ask them to send the ring to Kirk Kara for all service needs.

The Authenticity card is your very own proof of ownership. It is your record that Kirk Kara certifies the authenticity of your original handcrafted design and confirms that every mesmerizing detail has been meticulously inspected by our Master Craftsmen before being engraved with the Kirk Kara name. You can keep your Kirk Kara piece forever captivating by registering it here.

At Kirk Kara, each mesmerizing detail is designed to provoke love at first — and eternal — sight. Intricate hand engravings, colored gemstone accents and perfectly matched wedding sets are just a few of the designer touches you’ll enjoy with a Kirk Kara engagement ring. Learn more about the Kirk Kara Difference. 

For light, regular cleaning please us a few drops of mild dish soap in warm - not hot - water. Let your ring soak for a few minutes, then gently scrub with a new, soft toothbrush. To rinse, place in a fresh dish of lukewarm water and dry with a soft cloth. Make sure to always clean your ring over a soft surface and never over an open drain or hard floor. For scratches or rings with heavier use please have a profesional inspect and polish regularly. This insures any damage is caught early and extends the life of your ring. For additional repairs or sizing please conact your nearest Kirk Kara Authorized Retail Partner. 

Each design is unique and while most can be resized some cannot. To determine if we can size your ring please contact the Authorized Retail Partner you purchased it from. If you bought your design on, please contact us directly. We reccomend to always size your ring with an Authorized Retail Partner or through Kirk Kara directly.  If any repair or sizing work is performed by third parties other than our Authorized Retail Partners or Kirk Kara, cannot honor our Limited Warranty.

Please reach out to your nearest Authroized Retail Partner for all service needs. If you purchased your design on, please contact us directly.  We can no longer honor our Limited Warranty if any repair or sizing work is performed by third parties other than our Authorized Retail Partners. 

Please Contact Us or reach out to our customer service representatives between 8am-5pm Pacific (800) 874-0181