Signature Rose Cut Diamond Centers

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Echoing Delicate Rose Petals & Old World Stones

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Rose cut diamonds are a unique and beautiful alternative to the modern round brilliant cut. With a lower profile and greater face up appearance, they reflect soft flashes of light – and the discerning eye of a modern “old soul."


Kirk Kara is proud to offer natural rose cut diamonds as an unconventional stone option for vintage loving brides. In signature Kirk Kara fashion, each diamond is hand cut and polished by experienced artisans to optimally showcase the subtle, romantic glow that characterizes rose cut stones. First popularized in the Victorian Era (1837-1901), this cutting style is making a comeback as a stunning substitute for the modern round brilliant diamond.

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Center Stone Details

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Each center stone weighs approximately 1/2 carat but has a larger face up appearance due to its unique flat profile and shallow depth. Kirk Kara signature Rose Cut stones are SI clarity and H-I color, but you can specify and grade, and we can hand customize each diamond to fit the size and shape you desire.