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The Art of Engagement Ring Buying

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It’s the most sentimental piece of jewelry you’ll ever buy.

Here’s a handy checklist of what to consider when shopping for an engagement ring.


Identify Her Style

The perfect engagement ring reflects every facet of her personality. Which one is she?


Classic with a Twist: Joyful and romantic ribbons and bows are featured in out Pirouetta collection.
Modern Vintage: Antique detail meets modern styling in Angelique.
Nature Lover: Soft botanicals and floral details are in bloom in our Dahlia designs.
Color Obsessed: Colorful and expressive natural gemstones are the highlight of Charlotte.

Boho Chic: Dainty and delicate with hidden detail in our Signature Rose Cut diamond rings.
New Traditionalist: Traditional styling and classic elegance gets an update in our Stella collection.
Glamour Girl: Bold and glamorous style takes the stage in Carmella.
Detailed Deco: Three leaf design and refined detailing shines in Lori.

Metal Colors Sm

Know Your Metals

Each precious metal makes a statement about personal style. 


Platinum: Rare, high-end, durable white metal that patinas beautifully over time.
White Gold: Clean, bright and understated; a popular metal choice.
Rose Gold: Romantic, eclectic and retro chic, with a subtle blush tone.
Yellow Gold: Traditional, timeless and bold, with a warm stunning glow.
14K Gold: Budget-friendly yet still style-conscious and refined.
18K Gold: Classic high-quality option for white, rose or yellow gold.

Size Matters

Size Matters

If she knows a proposal is coming, getting her finger sized at a local jewelry store is key. Secret proposal in the works? You can enlist her mom, sister, or a trusted girlfriend to help determine her ring size. You can borrow one of her favorite rings and take it to a retailer for sizing. And if that’s not possible, you could try putting one of her rings on your own finger, marking where it sits, and asking a retailer for help. Just be sure it’s not a thumb ring!


CZS ON HAND 250 X 250


Educate Yourself 

Diamonds vary significantly in size and price. What determines each one’s quality and cost is a combination of cut, carat, color, and clarity






Maximize Your Budget 

Our collections include rings for all budgets and pared-down versions of our signature designs. Use our price filters to narrow down your choices. You can opt to use a more affordable metal like 14K gold or incorporate an heirloom diamond or colored gem as your center stone. 



Virtual Appointment

Whether you need some immediate sparkling advice or want to see our engagement rings up close and personal, our stylists are here to help.  Join a Kirk Kara stylist for a virtual styling appointment available when you are.




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